Preventing and resolving money troubles is an online portal where Dutch people can seek appropriate solutions to their financial problems or incipient money worries themselves. The aim in setting up the portal was to stop people falling into serious debt. One of the reasons people often give for their reluctance to seek help at an early stage is because they feel ashamed. is an online portal that offers them a way of searching for a solution anonymously.

Based on their answers to a brief series of questions, users gain an overview of tips, tools and voluntary organisations on hand in their neighbourhood to help them manage their financial affairs.

Geldfit originated from a unique cooperation between national and local organisations such as Schuldhulpmaatje, Humanitas, Stichting Lezen en Schrijven, health insurer Zilveren Kruis, Sallandse Dialoog and Rabobank Foundation.

Financial fitness

Debts have a major impact – not only on the people affected and their immediate circle, but also on society. The costs to Dutch society of problematic debts amount to some 11 billion euros annually. The number of Dutch people at risk of incurring problem debts is high – around 3.4 million. That’s why it’s key to prevent people from falling into debt and to resolve financial problems at an early stage.

Through Geldfit we aim to pool our resources to provide targeted information and help at local and national level to stop people getting into financial difficulties.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

We donated a big amount to finance the development of and its pilot phase. During the pilot phase the target is to reach out to 30,000 people. After successful completion of the pilot, is set to help 480,000 people by end 2020.