Smart met Geld

Financial teaching programme for students with special needs

Many secondary school students are not good at dealing with money. And students with a lower IQ really find this a problem. Some even get into debt. The Smart met Geld (Smart with Money) teaching programme helps prevent these problems.

The teaching programme helps children with learning difficulties to understand how to deal with money and why it’s smart to do that. For instance, they see the consequences of getting into debt, learn to organise their paperwork and go out Smart Shopping for an afternoon with youth workers. This helps them become more financially aware and to resist advertising. As well as teachers and youth workers, carers and parents are also closely involved with the programme.

Vocational colleges and special needs education

The idea for the programme comes from MEE NL, the national organisation which supports people with a disability. The Smart met Geld programme focuses on teaching two groups to get smart about money: some 26,000 young people aged 15 to 18 at vocational colleges (who have an IQ of around 70). And around 23,000 secondary students in special needs education (who have an IQ between 25 and 60).

How Rabobank Foundation helps

Since 2015 Rabobank Foundation and the Rabo Foundation Customer Fund have made funds available to promote the Smart met Geld programme at vocational colleges. In 2017 there was an additional amount available to embed the programme in special needs education. Rabobank Foundation makes more than just a financial contribution, it also worked with MEE NL to develop the programme.