Clusius College and Rabobank team up in tea

For several years now, Castricum’s Clusius College and Rabobank Noord Kennemerland have been working together to promote young entrepreneurship. Recently the school for secondary vocational education and the bank signed an agreement cementing their partnership until the end of the 2017-2018 school year. A key element in the partnership is Kenyan tea from a Rabobank Foundation project.

Budding entrepreneurs

At Clusius College, entrepreneurial skills are regarded as increasingly important. As such the college is a leader in its field that is followed with interest by other schools throughout the Netherlands. Since the beginning of the current school year pupils have been able to opt for ‘entrepreneurship’ as a specialisation. Central to the lessons on entrepreneurship is a single product around which an entire teaching programme has been developed that pays due attention to both theory and practice. The product on which pupils will be focussing their attention in coming years is tea from Kenya, produced by a tea cooperative supported by Rabobank Foundation.

Tea from Kenya

Thamani Savings and Credit Society (Thamani) has been one of Rabobank Foundation’s partners since 2011. The society was founded in 1990 by two women and has since grown into a cooperative of 7500 members that plays an important role in the economic development of the region. Its members are mainly small-scale farmers, of whom a large number are tea producers. Among other things, the financing provided by Rabobank Foundation is aimed at boosting the production of the tea farmers.

From Kenya to North Holland

Rabobank Noord Kennemerland is closely involved with Clusius College and the Rabobank Foundation project. Their commitment takes the form of giving guest lectures, advising on entrepreneurship and promotion and – last but not least – supplying the raw product: black tea. It’s up to the pupils to transform the huge sacks of tea (from Weru Tea in Kenya) into attractive products that will appeal to Dutch consumers. That means thinking about packaging, about a range of flavours, about sales, promotion et cetera. In short: a project that makes one enterprising!

Caption to the photo:
Local director Patricia Bleeker of Clusius Castricum and Rabobank’s business management director Jan Klaver toast the success of the partnership with a cup of Kenyan tea.


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