The idea behind our sponsoring

As Rabobank, we are at the heart of society and we want to be a positive force in it. One of the ways we do this is with our cultural and sports sponsorship activities.

Building a prosperous and sustainable climate for associations to thrive

Many associations, foundations and clubs, both sports and cultural, are having a hard time these days. They find themselves faced with declining contributions from local government, declining memberships and a lack of volunteers and administrators. All the while, sports associations and foundations continue to play an important role in society, now more than ever. They play a vital role in people's living environments. Sports associations cause greater social cohesion, as well a more tolerant society. They also discover new talent, and prepare it for the highest levels. If you're a member of an association or club, you want to participate in something. Every member participates. But participation isn't done all by yourself, it's something you do together. And achieving a club's goals and ambitions, that is a joint effort as well.

Rabobank has a long-standing relationship with many Dutch sports associations. We believe in their strength: clubs are the foundation of our society and of great importance to the future. That is why Rabobank puts these clubs at the very centre of its sponsorship strategy. Through this new approach, we not only support clubs financially and by committing volunteers, but we focus on intensive guidance to allow clubs to meet their ambitions, to create a sustainable future.


Within this new approach, over the next four years we will be working closely with key stakeholders in sports and culture: NOC*NSF/TeamNL, the Royal Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB), Kunstbende and Mojo/Lowlands. These parties provide real-world knowledge that can be used for guidance. Together, we will provide the manpower needed to achieve the clubs' ambitions.

No excellence without diversity

Idols, both in sports and in culture, play a crucial role in our new approach. Consider our sports heroes, currently excelling in TeamNL. Or the talented youths that emerged from Kunstbende, now performing at Lowlands. Each of them will vouch that the grass-roots, the club, is the starting point of a magnificent career, even as they inspire millions of people to play sports through clubs or participate in various types of culture. Rabobank brings these role models even closer to their fans, giving them the opportunity to participate in sports, or perform at the same clubs where they first started out.


The new approach has already had some visible success. Since it began, both the Hague Hockeyclub hdm and Athletics Association Prins Hendrik have seen an influx of senior members. At Hockeyclub Den Bosch, efforts are also well underway to achieve their aim of having the healthiest sports restaurant in the Netherlands. Together, we will make clubs stronger, while contributing to an improved and healthy environment.