Frequently asked questions

What are the applicable terms of employment at Rabobank? Is it only possible to apply for a specific vacancy or am I also allowed to submit an open application? How does the application procedure work? Questions, questions and more questions. We have collected them all and put them together in this section. You will most likely find your question and the related answer under one of the tabs.


What are Rabobank’s terms of employment?

All information on our terms and conditions is available here.

What is the pre-employment screening?

We screen all our future employees in accordance with the rules set by the Dutch Central Bank for organisations in the financial sector. The same basic procedure applies to everyone. More information on the screening procedure is available here.

In which countries is Rabobank present?

Rabobank is active in almost fifty countries worldwide. Visit for an up-to-date list world map.

What will be done with my application?

If you have applied for a vacant position, the receipt of your application will be confirmed as soon as possible. The recruiter or HR staff member will then review your application and present it to the manager/vacancy-holder concerned. Needless to say, your application will be treated confidentially. If we judge you to be unsuitable for the vacant position, you will receive a confirmation of the rejection within two weeks after this decision. The rejection will be explained as clearly as possible. If, by contrast, you pass to the next selection round, we will invite you for an interview.

What is the closing date for applying for vacancies?

The closing date is stated in the text on the vacancy.

Can I submit an open application?

The Rabobank Group is a large organisation with various autonomous divisions. Each of these is responsible for its own recruitment policy.

If you want to work for Rabobank, we advise you to apply directly for your preferred vacancy. All current vacancies are included in Rabobank’s vacancy bank.

Click here for more information on open applications.

What training opportunities does Rabobank offer?

Rabobank sets great store by employees’ development. It is important that you grow in step with and beyond the work in your current position towards future positions. That is why we support development and movement and look forward together with you. Special priority is given to the development of talents. More information on development opportunities is available here.

For how long will my information be retained?

If you submitted an application and stated that you are also available for other positions, you will determine the retention period for your information yourself.

If I apply for a vacancy, will I also be considered for other vacancies within the same discipline?

You can, but you have to make sure that you inform the recruiter or HR adviser accordingly. He or she has a good, up-to-date overview of alternative opportunities within the bank.

How can I look or apply for positions abroad?

Just use this site. When searching for vacancies you can state the country where you want to work.

Should I explain my reasons for applying for a job at Rabobank?

Yes, we welcome a clear, concise explanation why you are applying.

Can I apply for more than one vacancy simultaneously?

Yes, you can. Please note that we do not recruit centrally for vacancies at local member banks. So if you are interested in vacancies at various local member banks, the best thing to do is to send one application to each of them.

Can I meet Rabobank staff members in person?

There are various ways of getting to meet Rabobank staff. Check our Recruitment calendar to find out at which events we will be presenting ourselves.


What opportunities for internships does Rabobank offer?

You can apply for an internship at Rabobank Nederland and Rabobank International if you are in the final stage (bachelor/master) of a course of higher vocational training (hbo) or a course of study at university.

I am looking for an internship at a local member Rabobank. How do I go about this?

The local member Rabobanks have their own policy on internships. For an internship at a local member bank you can address your internship application to the local member bank of your choice. For a list of local member banks, click here.

How long does an internship last?

That depends on the college of higher education or university and whether it is a work experience internship or research (graduation) internship. The average internship lasts between three to six months.

Who will be my supervisor during my internship?

The department at which you are an intern will appoint a supervisor. The supervisor will be primarily responsible for acting as your mentor, for providing and setting up your work place and for access to networks. He or she is also your first contact for any questions you might have.

Will I receive an internship wage?

Rabobank offers internship wages in line with the market. The amount depends on your education and qualifications. The internship wage will be prorated for internship contracts for fewer or more than 36 hours.

How can I contact Internship Advice and Mediation at Rabobank Nederland?

All your questions concerning internships at Rabobank can be e-mailed to

Can I submit an open application for an internship?

You will find all internships at Rabobank Nederland and Rabobank International in our vacancy bank. You can also send an open application to
In both cases we expect you to provide a clear explanation why you want to follow an internship with us. Your application will not be considered if you do not provide this. In an open application, you should also tell us where you would like to be an intern, the project you have in mind and why.