• Meet the Challenge 

    Crazy ride for Rabobank trainees

    Just imagine. You have just been taken on as a trainee at Rabobank. Then, all of a sudden, you are summoned to the Rabobank Nederland head office for another interview. And a scenario then unfolds that can best be compared to a crazy ride on a mental rollercoaster.

  • Seafood sector 

    Sustainable seafood necessary

    The demand for farmed fish, especially salmon, is growing rapidly. Therefore, it is of vital importance that the seafood industry becomes more sustainable.

  • Annual Results 2013 

    2013: the figures and the stories

    Besides our annual results we also like to share what we are working on for our clients. For example the support which Rabobank gives starting entrepreneurs. But also the growing role we play as a leading Food & Agri bank in facilitating global food chains. And how we always ensure our products, services and organisation are tailored to these changing times as much as possible.

  • Social fund 

    More than charity

    Amid all the debates on development aid, Rabobank Foundation has for forty years been holding steadfast to its mission: to offer disadvantaged people the prospect of an independent existence.

  • Vision 2016 

    Rabobank participates, advises and virtualises!

    Participation, advisement and virtualisation. These are the three strong pillars that together form the foundation that underpin the local Rabobank of the future.

  • Food & agri 

    Milk: The white motor of the economy

    The agricultural sector is doing fine despite the economic crisis. The future looks particularly bright for dairy farming. This is the view expressed by Ruud Huirne, Director of Food & Agri at Rabobank Nederland.

  • Hockey 

    The Netherlands is fired up about the Hockey World Cup

    The Rabobank Hockey World Cup will be held from 31 May through 15 June 2014 in The Hague. It marks the high point of the Dutch sporting calendar. Half of the admission tickets have already been sold and World Cup fever is set to really take hold now that the match schedule has been announced.