Rabobank Canada was opened in Toronto in 1997 and is a client-focused, food and agribusiness industry-specific, global wholesale bank branch with a knowledge-driven approach to relationship banking. It services Canadian wholesale clients in the food and agricultural sectors as well as over twelve thousand farmers under the vendor finance partnership with Richardson International Limited. Clients are Canadian companies within the sub-sectors animal protein, beverages, consumer foods, grains, oil seeds and sugar, farm inputs, dairy and supply chain or subsidiaries of Dutch clients of Rabobank in The Netherlands. Rabobank Canada has 20 employees and works closely together with Rabo Research and support groups in New York.

Rabobank Canada offers loan products and in close cooperation with Rabobank New York the following products: debt capital markets (loan syndications and U.S. bonds), asset based finance, securitizations, subordinated debt, trade finance, U.S. private placements, M&A*, risk management products and capital structuring.

Ag Partner Financing™ in Canada

For more information on financing crop input products in Canada made available through Richardson Pioneer’s Ag Business Centres, please visit the Ag Partner Financing Richardson International website.

Rabo Securities Canada, Inc.

Through a separate entity, Rabo Securities Canada, Inc., Rabobank participates in the underwriting of Canadian debt and equity securities issued by Rabobank Canada’s corporate banking clients, as well as clients of other Rabobank affiliates. Rabo Securities Canada, Inc. is a Dealer Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (www.iiroc.ca) and a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (www.cipf.ca).


International Desk for Dutch international business clients

The International Desk for in North America provides services especially for Dutch businesses in Canada. The International Desk team can support you with its knowledge of the local market.

*Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory services and U.S. securities-related business are provided through our U.S. broker-dealer, Rabo Securities USA, Inc., a member of SIPC and FINRA.


Rabobank Canada

Office Address 22 Adelaide Street West, Suite 3720
Bay Adelaide Centre East Tower
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 4E3
Telephone +.1.647.258.2020
Fax +.1.416.941.9750