Supporting growth

Better nutrition for livestock in India

By signing a memorandum of understanding with livestock feed producer Royal De Heus, Rabobank underlines its support for the company’s work in India, empowering local farmers with knowledge.

India is projected to overtake China as the world’s most densely populated country on earth by 2030. It has one of the fastest growing major economies overall, including the second largest agricultural economy. The sector accounts for 16% of India’s GDP. Agrifood sub-sectors like Farm Inputs, Grains & Oilseeds, Dairy, Animal Protein, Food Services and Processed Food are all seeing fast growth.

A momentous mission

In order to take its place as one of the world’s top three economic powers in the coming decade, India will need to create and maintain strong partnerships across the globe. A Dutch trade mission to India in May was aimed at further strengthening relations between the two countries in agriculture, smart cities, water management, health and R&D. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was joined by four cabinet ministers, 15 CEOs and about 220 business delegation participants.

Amongst the participants was Royal De Heus, a company producing high quality animal feeds. De Heus anchors its strong partnership with India on knowledge exchange as well as commerce. Its professionals support the performance of livestock farmers in India by sharing in-depth information about animal husbandry and nutrition.

“We realized we needed to provide farmers with more knowledge”

- Johannes Drees, De Heus India

The company started producing feeds for dairy cattle and poultry in Rajpura, Punjab, in 2017. “We saw the immense potential of the dairy and poultry market in India,” says Johannes Drees, Business Unit Manager India at Royal De Heus. “But we realized we would need to provide the farmers with more knowledge in order to tap into it.

We decided to tailor our approach to the Indian market. Local farmers are trained with one goal in mind: to best enable their animals to produce milk, eggs and meat and grow optimally. The efficiency and performance of many farms has substantially improved, and farmers’ incomes have increased.”

Johannes Drees, Business Unit Manager India at Royal De Heus, and Paul Schuilwerve, CEO & Country Head Rabobank India, sign the MoU in Mumbai, India

Steadfast commitment to local impact

Because of this approach, Rabobank India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with De Heus during the Trade Mission, signifying Rabobank’s support for De Heus in its engagement with the south-Asian country.

Paul Schuilwerve, CEO & Country Head Rabobank India, says, “The MoU signifies the secured funding from Rabobank for Royal De Heus to further improve production processes and quality controls. We partner our client in seizing unique opportunities that help foster local economic growth, which in return supports the global mission of our bank - Growing a better world together.”

Rabobank has been on the ground in India for nearly two decades and had worked hard to facilitate bilateral trade and foster good working relationships between Dutch and Indian businesses. During that time, it has played an integral part in enabling companies like Royal De Heus to sustainably produce food products.

Rabobank Foundation also supports initiatives aimed at improving nutrition in the subcontinent, like this new cooperative-owned chicken feed factory.