The road to change: Transforming the global food system

Linking up the global food chain

Every day, across the world, over a billion people are working to bring us the food that we eat. Scientists, producers, buyers, processors, retailers – even consumers – are each doing their part to ensure we have enough healthy food to feed the world. It’s a shared responsibility.

How that food gets to our plates is a story of cooperation. A story of tremendous triumphs, but also challenges. The twentieth century saw gains in agricultural productivity around the world. Together, we built a system that produced more food, fed more people, than ever before. But many of yesterday’s successes came at a cost: degraded soils, declines in biodiversity, climate change. With a growing population and more demand for food than ever, we need to do things differently – at every step in the food chain.

The video “The road to change” traces the links in this global chain, connecting seven individuals who face these shared challenges head on. No matter where they are – a lab in China or a warehouse in Brazil, a New Zealand dairy farm or a London supermarket – our protagonists have a lot in common: they believe in cooperation, in joining forces to solve problems and create opportunities. They are all innovators. They navigate shifting consumer demands and embrace new technologies. They use data to work smarter, to improve their business outcomes and stay within our planetary boundaries.

“The road to change” is not only their story – but ours. Rabobank is there at every step in the chain, contributing networks, knowledge and finance to accelerate the transition to an ecologically and economically sustainable global food system. To grow a better world together we must all take responsibility: farmers, governments, scientists, entrepreneurs, consumers and bankers. If we support each other, no challenge is too great.