Added convenience for customers

Banking has rapidly become more convenient through the years. Rabobank is providing an overview of the developments in an infographic.

Can you still remember when people went to the bank branch office en masse to collect their salaries? And how long ago was it when the only way to transfer funds was with the assistance of an adviser? It will sound like ancient history to many people. But it actually was not as long ago as most people think.

At a whirlwind pace

Banks introduced direct payments and debits in around 1970. Things developed at a whirlwind pace from that point onwards. Particularly the arrival of the ATM (early 1980s), payment terminals in stores (1990), internet banking (1997) and mobile banking (2003) brought about dramatic changes in customer behaviour.

'Our client is in the driver's seat'


'They are all examples of how we have moved with the times and demonstrate that we often lead the way as innovator,' says Ron Droste from Rabobank Netherlands. 'We make it increasingly easier for our customers to be in the driver's seat. Customers can take care of their banking anytime, anyplace and on any device they like. They take control without long queues, complicated procedures and a lot of hassle.'

Infographic internetbankieren Engels