Banks want to regain the public’s trust

‘Through this plan the banks are demonstrating collectively that they are seriously working to fulfil their intention to be more transparent, sustainable and service-oriented. It now comes down to customers beginning to notice this in daily practice.’

Rabobank Executive Board Chairman Wiebe Draijer stated this with respect to the Dutch Banking Association’s ‘Future-oriented Banking’ plan presented today. The plan includes a number of measures and initiatives aimed at restoring trust in the financial sector and was brought about following an extensive round of consultations with social partners.

‘Future-oriented Banking’ encompasses three sections, namely a Social Charter (a set of shared values), a revised Dutch Banking Code (principles for good governance) and rules of conduct for individual employees. These rules of conduct will be confirmed by an ethics statement that will apply to all employees of banks. The so-called banker’s oath must be signed by 1 January 2016.  Employees swear in the oath that they will, among other things, carry out their position in an ethical and prudent manner and will in doing so place the interests of customers first.

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