Food & agri under pressure

Planning for the future in any business can be quite a challenge, but for those operating in the agricultural and food sector, it is perhaps even trickier.

Like any industry, the agricultural and food sector must contend with usual price fluctuations, but it also has to face the entirely unexpected – harvest failures, freak weather events and changing consumer preferences over safety or quality concerns.

'The pressure on food and agricultural or F&A supply chains is unrelenting and is showing no signs of easing up, ' says Rossella Schiavini, regional head of global corporate clients Europe at Rabobank. 'The drivers have ebbed and flowed but, wherever they are in the supply chain, businesses feel that pressure every day. Despite this, companies with well-run supply chains are able to manage the pressure and find growth.'

Justin Sherrard, global strategist, F&A supply chains in Rabobank's food and agri-business research team, identifies a number of pressures on agricultural and food supply chains, all of which have an impact on how organisations operate.

Read the whole article, which was recently published in The Times.

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