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Rabobank is putting food and drinks in the spotlight from Thursday, 8 October through Friday, 16 October 2015 during Rabo FoodWeek. Read and watch all the latest developments in this update on Rabo FoodWeek.

16 October 2015

Rabobank’s clients and associates are holding a roundtable in Milan to discuss using technology and data to improve the food supply. Employees in Utrecht have collected their jars of Rabo Sauce made from leftover vegetables.

Milan, Italy – How can using data and internet technology help bring about a better and more sustainable food supply? Justin Sherrard, strategist at Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research, has conducted a research study into this topic. He presented his study entitled 'Building a smarter food system' yesterday and gave the first copies to Raimondo Orsini (Director of the Italian Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile – Sustainable Development Foundation) and David de Waal (Consul General of the Netherlands in Italy). After Sherrard’s presentation, 26 of Rabobank’s clients and associates in Europe took part in a roundtable discussion on sensors, data exchange and the opportunities new technologies offer for agriculture and food production. The roundtable was hosted by Fred van Heyningen, Global Head of Food & Agri Banking at Rabobank. Read more about the report of Justin Sherrard.

Utrecht, the Netherlands – Employees of Rabobank have collected their jars of Rabo Sauce. The catering company’s chef made this tasty sauce from leftover vegetables. Employees turned in those vegetables earlier in the week. A number of local Rabobanks also created Rabo Sauce using leftover vegetables. Executive Board Member Berry Marttin joined in by making a great lasagne sauce from leftover vegetables.

15 October 2015

Students and young Rabobank employees are actively joining in the conversation about the food supply. Preventing food waste is one of the solutions being highlighted. A consumer survey on this topic commissioned by Rabobank has been picked up by the Dutch press. Executive Board Member Berry Marttin demonstrated that you can even make a tasty lasagne sauce from leftover vegetables.

Utrecht, the Netherlands - 38 members of Young Rabo (the association of Dutch Rabo employees under the age of 36) have been appointed as Banking for Food ambassadors. They visited the World Food Expo Milano with the theme 'Feeding the planet, energy for life' earlier this year. Six teams wrote a report on a potential solution to the food issue, such as reducing food waste, making farming more attractive as a profession and connecting consumers and farmers.

Worldwide – The global food issue can’t be resolved overnight. That’s why it is vital that we tap into the ideas and brainpower of future generations. With the support of Rabobank, twenty students have visited ten developing countries in recent months. Their focus is on one main theme: food. They’ve made a video on how people in the ten different countries they visited think about food. Watch the video on YouTube.

Utrecht, the Netherlands – Executive Board Member Berry Marttin joined Dutch celebrity chef Sandra Ysbrandy in the kitchen to make a lasagne sauce from leftover vegetables. Last Wednesday Rabobank published the findings of a survey on food waste conducted among 1,126 Dutch consumers. It reveals that 30 percent of Dutch consumers throw away food or drinks at least twice a week. Many of the respondents say they would like to reduce food waste. Watch the video on YouTube.

14 October 2015

While the management team of the local Rabobank Amersfoort Eemland prepared a scrumptious Rabo Sauce for bank employees using leftover vegetables, local Rabobank Vallei en Rijn was busy hosting the first-ever ‘Money Meets Ideas’ event in the food and agricultural sector.

Bunschoten, the Netherlands – Employees of the local Rabobank Amersfoort Eemland headed to the Eemlandhoeve, a local farm and conference site, for a night of inspiration and brainstorming on Banking for Food. The bank serves mostly smaller, more rural communities and is looking to adopt a more urban approach to Banking for Food, in which it intends to involve consumers, the hotel and catering industry, supermarkets and farmers. After an introduction by Fred van Heyningen of Global Head Food & Agri Banking at Rabobank, the employees in attendance were briefed by two entrepreneurs from the food sector and also had the opportunity to take a taste test. Using leftover vegetables the employees had brought with them, the members of the local Rabobank’s management team prepared a Rabo Sauce under the watchful eye of a professional chef. At the end of the event, employees received a jar of the special Rabo Sauce to take home with them.

Wageningen, the Netherlands – Willem Sodderland has launched a company, Sea More Food, which markets seaweed that can be used to prepare pasta. Sodderland was one of the five innovative entrepreneurs invited to pitch their ideas to 35 informal investors at the ‘Money Meets Ideas’ event. Earlier that day, he shared the stage with guest speaker Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands at Food Valley Expo on the Wageningen University campus. Yvonne van den Berg, Director of Retail & Private Banking at local Rabobank Vallei en Rijn, kicked off ‘Money Meets Ideas’ and Ruud Huirne, Director of Food & Agri Netherlands at Rabobank, discussed trends in the industry. Huirne: ‘This is the first edition of Money Meets Ideas to be devoted to food and agriculture. I hope that, after the 25th edition has been held 25 years from now, we will still be able to say that the event is a hotbed of knowledge and innovation, and that the Netherlands will continue to lead the way in this area.’ Whatever the future may bring, some of the entrepreneurs and investors who attended the event have already made plans to do business together.

Utrecht, the Netherlands – Our colleagues at the Rabobank Foundation served a quinoa-based dish in the cafeteria of the Rabobank offices on Croeselaan. The recipe is featured in Roots, the cookbook published by the Rabobank Foundation on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. The dish went down as a treat with all who sampled it, numerous copies of the cookbook were sold, and many new employees signed up as donors of Share4More, Rabobank’s employee charity fund.

13 October 2015

South America adds zest to this third Rabo FoodWeek update with a coffee campaign for Rabobank Brazil’s employees and a breakfast session in Lima.

São Paulo, Brazil – 'Do Campo a Matriz – o café que a gente financia' (from farm to head office, the coffee we finance). This is the slogan for Rabobank Brazil's programme that lets its employees in São Paulo drink coffee produced by a different client every month. Tasting the different coffees is a great way for them to discover more about the clients and their stories.

Lima, Peru – Some thirty board members and senior managers of multilateral development banks, including FMO, Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Investment Corporation and Afrexim, took part in the Partners in Development Finance breakfast. Rabobank organises this breakfast each year during the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This year’s theme was: 'How to connect global consumers with smallholder farms'. The speakers at the breakfast event were Augusto Fernandini (founder of AgroMantaro, which processes artichokes and jalapeños), Alfons van der Aa (founder of Natural Habitats, which specialises in organic fair trade palm oil) and Berry Marttin (Rabobank Executive Board Member), who also served as the host. Agromontaro and Natural Habitats are clients of Rabo Rural Fund.

12 October 2015

From Jakarta to Lima – there’s a world of things going on during Rabo FoodWeek. Read and watch all the latest developments in this update on Rabo FoodWeek being held from 8 through 16 October.

Jakarta, Indonesia - Pawan Kumar from Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research was the keynote speaker at the ILDEX international livestock, dairy and aquaculture exhibition.

Pawan Kumar presented a study on the increasing demand for poultry in Indonesia. Rabobank Indonesia leveraged on this event to strengthen its position as a bank with strong food and agri knowledge.

Utrecht, The Netherlands – It can’t escape the attention of anyone passing our offices at the Croeselaan in Utrecht: it is Rabo FoodWeek.

A big infographic has been placed on the front of Rabobank’s office building. It presents information about the main food challenges we face en route to 2050.

Lima, Peru – 'Linking global consumers with local smallholder farmers creates wealth and health #bankingforfood'.

@BerryMarttin twitters that he’s in the Peruvian capital for a conference on this theme. The Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund is also currently taking place in Lima.

9 October 2015

The very first Rabo FoodWeek is underway. 'Turn waste into taste' has already resulted in jars of Rabo Sauce made from leftover vegetables. Read and watch all the latest developments in this first update on Rabo FoodWeek being held from 8 through 16 October.

Amstelveen, The Netherlands – 'Voila! We’re proud to present the very first jars of Rabo Sauce', writes Hellen Molenkamp of Rabobank Amstel en Vecht. Eric Lücke, Chair of the Board of Directors of Rabobank Amstel en Vecht, joined forces with Kragtwijk catering company to create Rabo Sauce from leftover vegetables. It clearly whets the appetite for more. Molenkamp: 'We cooked up all kinds of new plans and ideas for great follow-up activities while we were preparing the sauce.'

Heerenveen, The Netherlands – Top chef Jan Smink of the celebrated Michelin-starred De Librije restaurant, who is a client of Rabobank, worked with Rients Schuddebeurs (Chair of the Board of Directors of Rabobank Heerenveen-Zuidoost Friesland) and Miranda Regnerus (Retail Adviser) to create a batch of unique Heerenveen-style Rabo Sauce. 'The most delicious dishes can be made from leftover food. You can even use the peels to make lovely bouillons.' Chef Smink endorses Rabobank’s Banking for Food vision and commends the bank’s commitment to help solve the global food issue.

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Employees of Rabobank in Utrecht will have to wait until Thursday, 15 October to take home a jar of Rabo Sauce. But the basis for the sauce was made on Thursday, 8 October. That’s when they were given a bag at the entrance to the office at Croeselaan to put all their leftover tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables into. They can then turn in their bag on Tuesday, 13 October to have their leftover veggies transformed into Rabo Sauce.

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Responsible nutrition was one of the topics highlighted during Rabo Global Sustainability Day on 8 October. Hans Gijsen, Product Manager at the Eurest catering company, gave a workshop on the topic in Utrecht and told the participants about the phenomenon of ‘flexitarianism’. More than 50 percent of the population is flexitarian and no longer eats meat every day. Gijsen says people are prepared to pay approximately 10 percent more for a sustainable meal. 'We tackle this creatively by ensuring that our purchasing is as cost-effective as possible.'

Mumbai, India – Rabobank Global Sustainability Day for the Rabobank India employees: staff's food stalls with tricolour sandwiches, Indian snacks and more treats.

Rabo FoodWeek

Everyone needs food and drinks every day, so it affects all of us. Many companies in the food and agri sector are customers of Rabobank. That’s why we’ll be putting responsible food and drinks in the spotlight from Thursday, 8 through Friday, 16 October. Various publications and events will give employees and customers new insights and ideas regarding food, the food supply and Rabobank’s role.

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