Rwanda leader in mobile payments

Rwanda's economy revolves around subsistence agriculture. For over 90% of the working population, it is this type of farming (mainly tea and coffee) that forms the sole source of livelihood. In 1975, the Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) began offering the rural population of this central African country basic credit and savings facilities.

Cooperative roots

In 2008, BPR transitioned from being a loose federation of cooperative institutions to a centrally organised bank. Almost overnight, 590,000 member-customers became shareholders representing a collective stake of 65%. The remaining 35% was taken by Rabo Development. Rabobank's cooperative roots and agricultural knowledge are a perfect match for BPR.

BPR has 190 branches in Rwanda and serves 1,426,000 customers (out of a population of approximately 12,000,000 in a 26,338 km² country).

The convenience of IZI Cash

In recent years, with our help BPR has taken major steps forward in IT and moved towards transforming its own organisation into a modern retail bank. An automated network, innovative mobile products and an extensive network of cash dispensing machines are the 'secret weapons' in successfully serving urban and rural regions.

Banque Populaire du Rwanda pioneers in the field of mobile banking by offering its customers the ability to conduct their basic banking transactions by mobile phone. With BPR's IZI Cash system, customers can transfer money to other BPR customers or even to people who do not have a bank account at all. This is one area in which Rwanda is leading the world.  

This is how BPR is helping build a stronger banking sector and a higher standard of living for Rwanda. BPR wants to become the leading bank for agricultural services and with this innovative service it is showing that it takes this mission seriously.

'We are committed to offering people convenient methods of banking.'

Richard Nhadiro - BPR