Binti’s story

Binti lives in the Tanzanian countryside and owns three cows. Her livestock is of vital importance to her and her children. The cows yield six litres of milk a day on average, with which Binti earns just under two euros.

Every day Binti hopes that the cows might just give her a little more milk. A vain hope, alas. She has no money to feed and care for her livestock properly. Especially during the dry season she is beset by worries. And then an opportunity presents itself: she can become a member of the local dairy cooperative. As a result she gains access to more lucrative markets, new know-how and credit. She starts selling her milk to the cooperative, which sells it on to the local dairy plant. As a result Binti is assured of a better price. The cooperative teaches her how she can boost milk production and with an initial loan she invests in better feed for her animals. The cows start giving almost twice as much milk. Binti’s income is higher and she’s able to pay off her first loan. She applies for more credit and buys an additional cow, so boosting her total milk production. What’s more, she’s eligible for a loan to buy a biogas installation. This biogas programme is financed by Rabobank Foundation. The new installation enables Binti to cook her food more healthily and cheaply, and it generates free fertilizer for the fields. Binti has capitalized on her opportunities, and the future looks bright for her and her family.