Guido’s passion for music takes him around the world

Guido Dieteren knew when he was little what he wanted to do when he grew up: gain worldwide acclaim with his own orchestra. He has been able to fulfil his dream years later. He travels the world performing with his Guido's Orchestra and works with top artists such as Afrojack, Elvis Costello and Diana Ross. But success did not come to Guido easily. Several years ago a risky adventure in the US left him almost bankrupt. The fact that so many kept believing in him gave him the strength to carry on and make it back to the top.

Orchestra leader from Limburg shares his success with others

Guido built his company from the ground up. 'My mother is my everything. She goes with me on all my trips. She acted as a guarantor for my first investment in a recording studio.' He turned to Rabobank Parkstad Limburg for the financing of his own orchestra. The bank believed in his business plan and provided the financing for the building where his orchestra could practice.

'Making beautiful music puts me over the moon.'

Guido Dieteren, Guido’s orchestra

In good times and in bad

His orchestra first got off to a flying start and was then brought right back down to earth by a debacle in the US. He lost more than a million euros as a result of untrue promises made by American managers of large international bands. He reluctantly turned to Rabobank again. The bank still believed in him and the unique way he unites pop and classical and it provided a new loan to his business. Veerle Kloth, Account Manager at Rabobank Parkstad Limburg: 'Running a business is something you learn by trial and error. If you want to have an enduring and sustainable relationship, it’s vital that you want to have a share in each other’s lives in good times and bad.' The orchestra is now once again on a high note and looking to the future with confidence.

Fighting cancer

Guido not only thinks of his own future; he is also passionate about investing time in projects that improve the lives of others. One of the causes he supports is the fight against cancer because both his father and grandfather died of cancer. He does his part for cancer research by donating the proceeds from gala performances and a CD that he recorded especially for this purpose. He also hopes to inspire people through the guest lectures he gives at Maastricht University in which he shares his experiences in international business with students.

Guido's Orchestra has performed for audiences totalling more than 1.6 million since its establishment in 1998.

International business

He is also gaining a world of international experience. The schedule now contains concert dates for Shanghai and the US. He also uses Rabobank’s services when he is abroad. In New York he went to the International Desk for Dutch clients and Rabobank advised him on the valuation of the rights for large foreign contracts. Guido is happy he can do what he has always dreamt of doing: 'Making beautiful music puts me over the moon. I get an incredible amount of enjoyment out of successful productions and seeing how the music affects people. Making people happy makes me happy too.'

About Guido’s Orchestra

Guido’s Orchestra plays in its own distinctive pop-meets-classic style in which he combines a pop band with a classical orchestra. The group created the music for Rabobank’s new commercial. Guido's Orchestra has performed for audiences totalling 1.6 million worldwide since its establishment in 1998. The orchestra played with pop icons including Elvis Costello, K’s Choice and Toni Braxton at the Heineken NightLive music event. The orchestra has also accompanied stars including Marco Borsato, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Doe Maar and Anouk during the popular Dutch Symphonica in Rosso concert series. Guido’s Orchestra has toured the main American and Canadian stages and performed for crowds of wildly enthusiastic Chinese fans in Shanghai in 2012. The orchestra has released a number of its own CDs and recently performed on an album by DJ Afrojack.

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