Customers and bank build Rabo Banking App

Around 2.5 million customers in the Netherlands use Rabobank’s mobile banking services. A large number of them rely on the Rabo Banking App on a daily basis. In September 2015, Rabobank launched a new version of this app which was developed with input from 1,500 customers.

The new and improved app is all about the customer. Once users have logged in by entering their profile details, they only see data on their screen that is relevant to them. If a customer does not have a credit card, for example, information about this product is not displayed on their screen. Both past and future transactions are arranged on a timeline so users can see when, for example, their rent will be debited from their account. And since a growing number of customers are using digital devices in their personal interactions with the bank, anyone can use the enhanced Rabo Banking App to contact their own local Rabobank by phone, e-mail or chat. The chat feature has proven especially popular. In early 2016, a customer conducted the one-millionth chat conversation with the bank.

Critical feedback

Although Rabobank customers were directly involved in developing the new app, initial feedback after the launch revealed that the new design fell short of many users’ expectations. “A lot of people felt the layout had changed too much, that not enough new features had been added and that the technology was unnecessarily complex,” says Online Banking Manager Marcel Hoeveman. “Many of them took to social media to air their opinions, as well as using the Denk Mee Met Je Bank Customer Input Forum, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store to share their views. We were a bit taken aback by the strong reactions from customers and in hindsight we probably would have made some different choices in some areas. For example, we would have added a search feature right off the bat to allow people to search their transactions, which many felt was missing from the app after it was launched.”

Rabobank listened carefully to customer feedback and made some radical changes to the app. Hoeveman: “We have really improved its speed and stability and reduced the time it takes to log in, make transfers and check account and transaction details. The app doesn’t freeze as much as it did at first, so the availability rate is currently at 98%. You really notice the difference on older devices and in areas with a weak mobile signal. The new and improved app allows our customers to search their credit and debit details, and the new landing page is simpler, more minimal and more conveniently arranged than the previous design. We can tell from the feedback in the app itself and on social media that customers are happy with these changes. We do still get a bit of negative feedback, but the positive responses are winning out.”

New features and options

Rabobank will continue to listen to customer feedback and plans to accommodate more of their needs in the immediate future. Customers will soon be able to set up automatic account balance updates and receive status alerts for their credits and debits and any standing orders. They can also set up alerts for when the balance in their account goes above or below a certain amount. 

Hoeveman: “This allows our customers to stay on top of their finances. And in the second quarter of 2016, they will be able to log in using what’s known as a touch ID login prompt, meaning they can log in using their fingerprints.”

Stepping stone toward an online platform

The new app is the first step toward a comprehensive, personal online environment for customers. Online banking on the website will eventually also be incorporated into this platform – which will feature the same design as the Rabo Banking App – to become a new, integrated Rabobank customer portal.

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