The next step in banking convenience

Who would have thought years ago that one would be able to transfer money with a couple of clicks? Or that you could arrange your banking matters using an app on a smartphone or iPad? Or that you can use a phone to pay at the cash register?

Thirty years ago, everybody had to go to the bank office to withdraw money from their account. And whereas transferring money could only be done with the help of a bank employee, everyone can now do this electronically. The way people bank has changed enormously over the years. Check out this infographic about the history of banking convenience.

Infographic the convenience of banking

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The trend of banks moving with the times has been going on since the 1970s, when banks started to encourage customers to pay automatically and use direct debits. Progress has been swift since then. There have been huge changes in customer behaviour, starting with the advent of the ATM (early 1980s), followed by payment terminals in shops (1990), internet banking (1997), mobile banking (2003) and iDEAL (2005). Banking apps (2010) made sure that banks are always 'one touch away'.