Customers with disabilities

For our customers with disabilities, Rabobank has new technology, training and tools to help people who may need banking assistance because they are visually impaired, for example, or have other physical issues. Some customers may require extra support, including those who are functionally illiterate and customers in various stages of dementia. Rabobank wants to increase the possibilities for all customers to manage their banking needs independently and also supports local activities and programmes helping people with disabilities.

Unlimited banking

ATM withdrawals

The seemingly routine process of withdrawing cash can present complications for people with disabilities. Fortunately, Rabobank provides the tools and additional services they need to use cash machines without any problem.

  • Voice-activated ATMs help people who cannot read the ATM screen or are unable to operate the keys. Customers communicate using a voice-activated phone, which walks them through the steps needed to complete a cash withdrawal. These devices are also suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Some people have trouble removing their debit card from an ATM after using it, for example because they suffer from rheumatism and lack the required strength. Rabobank has created a special tool for these people called the Rabo CardPuller. The device grips itself around the card so that the user can smoothly remove it from the ATM, using only a minimum amount of force.
  • People who cannot independently withdraw cash from ATMs can ask a Rabobank employee to assist them by making a withdrawal with a special service card. Rabobank employees can only use this special card to withdraw cash in the presence of the customer.
  • Rabobank’s Rabo Geld Express (Rabo Cash Express) service delivers cash to customers’ homes and is designed for people who have trouble accessing ATMs for whatever reason.

Online (and offline) banking

In several ways, Rabobank aims to make online banking accessible to all.

We do this with the following practical tools:

  • Our online environment offers a voice-activated and text enlargement function for the visually impaired.
  • We also send printed account statements in Braille on request.
  • People with visual impairment or motor disorders can apply for a special Random Reader Comfort free of charge, a voice-activated device twice the size of the regular Random Reader.

And by providing information on banking in a variety of ways and support customers in this process where necessary:

  • We created the website‘Easy Banking’), which explains all elements of banking in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
  • Many local Rabobanks offer workshops on internet banking and the use of the Rabo Bankieren App (Rabo Banking App).
  • Rabobank employees are trained to personally support people in meeting their banking needs and to advise them on personalised solutions.

Sponsorship of disabled sports

Partner 1% FairShare® for Fonds Gehandicaptensport (Disabled Sports Fund)

The Fonds Gehandicaptensport (Disabled Sports Fund) is dedicated to helping people with disabilities to practice sports. Rabobank sponsors disabled sports through 1%FairShare®, an initiative of the fund whereby companies are requested to invest 1% of their total sports sponsorship budget in disabled sports. Rabobank was one of the first companies to commit to the 1%FairShare® initiative.

Main sponsor of Special Olympics Nederland

Rabobank is the main sponsor of the Dutch branch of the Special Olympics, the world’s largest sports organisation for people with intellectual disabilities. Since the launch of Special Olympics Nederland, we have been involved in various sports events and matches, with financial support provided by the Rabobank Group’s social fund, Rabobank Foundation.

(S)cool on Wheels

The educational project S(cool) on Wheels allows able-bodied primary school children to experience what it is like to play sports with a disability. Primary schools can participate free of charge in this initiative by the Fonds Gehandicaptensport (Disabled Sports Fund), whose objective is to help children view people with disabilities in a positive light. Rabobank provides funding for (S)cool on Wheels.

Special solutions for special situations

Basic-needs account for people with dementia

People in the early stages of dementia often find it increasingly difficult to manage their finances: they might forget how they spent their money and are prone to making unusual purchases or donations. Rabobank offers a service called Leefgeldrekening (a basic-needs account) to prevent them from running into difficulties. A fixed amount is deposited into this separate account at regular intervals and a withdrawal cap is then set on the account to protect the customer. The basic-needs account allows customers to maintain their independence, because they can continue to make purchases.

When you can’t manage it alone anymore

If a customer is no longer able to manage their own finances, Rabobank helps to come up with appropriate solutions. This might include a power of attorney, where you grant another person the right to act on your behalf. Rabobank employees are trained to detect signs of early dementia as well as other mental challenges, and know how to deal with the situation appropriately. They will always discuss the situation with the customer and a family member or another person close to the customer.

Assistance for people with functional illiteracy

An estimated 1.5 million people in the Netherlands have problems with reading and writing. Rabobank is one of the founders of the Stichting Lezen & Schrijven (National Literacy Foundation), which is dedicated to supporting people with functional illiteracy. A number of their projects are supported by Rabobank Foundation, Rabobank’s social fund.