Senior citizens

The older generation has seen the ways people bank change dramatically through the years: From cash payments and deposits to online bank transfers, and from always having to carry cash to paying at the till with your bank card. Nowadays, the way we handle our banking matters is changing so fast that seniors need a little help keeping up sometimes. And Rabobank is giving them that help.

Seniors Service

Not all senior citizens are familiar with how to use computers or the Internet. Employees at many local Rabobanks are helping these customers get started with Internet banking. For example, the Rabobank Utrecht Seniors Desk is helping its older customers to find their way around the online world in a number of ways. The bank provides one-on-one learning sessions on Internet banking for example. It also organises group events for seniors in which they learn how to handle their banking matters on the Internet safely and how the Rabo Banking App works.

Senior event, Utrecht, 26 August 2015

In Utrecht, the bank offers regular meetings guiding seniors on safe banking practices. The bank also helps them get started with online banking.

Financial scams

Whenever customers need help taking care of their banking matters, there is a risk of people trying to take advantage of them. Rabobank is helping to prevent this by making older people aware of the risks and teaching them to handle their banking independently. By providing the Random Reader Comfort, for example, with extra-large keys and window to make it easier for them to input and read their authentication codes. The bank is also training its employees to spot financial scams, so they can be on guard and ask themselves the right questions to help them realise when something's wrong. The goal is to boost the customers' confidence, so they feel comfortable in handling their own banking for as long as possible.

Banking without help

Some seniors have trouble taking care of their own banking matters, for example because they have difficulty seeing, hearing or walking. Others may simply find dealing with financial matters too complicated. Rabobank helps these customers continue to be able to handle their own banking matters, either independently or, in some cases, with the help of someone close to them. With services such as:

  • courses on how to use the Rabobank Banking App
  • Rabobank's 'simple banking' website, where customers can follow tutorials on Internet banking and how to use the Rabobank Banking App at their own pace
  • handy resources to facilitate independent banking, which Rabobank has collected under 'Banking together'