Banque Populaire du Rwanda

Professionalising banking in Rwanda. Based upon our in-depth knowledge of cooperative models and agri finance Rabo Development and BPR make a natural match.

The Rwandan economy is dominated by subsistence farming, which provides a living for an estimated 90 percent of the working population. Tea and coffee are the main exports. Since 1975, Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) has provided basic credit and savings services to the rural population of this central African country.

In 2008, BPR transformed itself from a loosely knit group of cooperative banks into a tightly woven commercial bank. Its 590,000 client members became shareholders, taking a combined 65 percent stake. The remaining 35 percent was acquired by Rabo Development.

Today, BPR is by far Rwanda’s largest retail bank with the most customers and branches.

Rabobank’s own cooperative roots and expertise in agri finance make it a natural match for BPR.  Rabo Development has brought BPR valuable management experience and extensive technical know-how, essential for the metamorphosis into a strong and modern retail bank.

Since 2008, with Rabo Development’s help, BPR has taken huge strides in developing IT systems and improving internal organisation. This has enabled the bank to automate its network, introduce innovative new products such as mobile banking and expand the ATM network beyond the main cities – all vital ingredients in improving access to financial services in both urban and rural areas.

Currently, BPR is developing products for specific customer segments, notably private persons, SMEs, rural enterprises and agriculture. Agri finance is a primary growth area, which is why BPR recently received a grant from the World Bank to support its ambitions in this sector. BPR is also forging  stronger client relationships with agricultural cooperatives that in turn finance their members. In this way, BPR is strengthening its own loan portfolio and reducing risk, while simultaneously facilitating finance for small-scale farmers.

BPR aims to become Rwanda’s leading rural bank by improving banking practices, and contributing towards the country’s overall prosperity.

Banque Populaire du Rwanda

Employees 1,477
Customers 1.4 million
Outlets 190
Total assets EU R 200 million
Rabobank’s stake 35%


Banque Populaire du Rwanda

Office Address 32, Avenue des Forces Armées
P.O. BOX 1348, Kigali, Rwanda
Telephone +250 57 35 59
Fax F: +250 57 35 79