NMB Bank

Providing affordable banking in Tanzania. Moving from the biggest to the best.

NMB Bank serves a wide range of customers in rural and urban area’s, including government agencies, civil service, large corporations, SME’s, small-scale farmers, microfinance institutions and retail clients.

When NMB was privatised by the Tanzanian government in 2005, Rabobank acquired a 35 percent stake. It was Rabo Development’s first investment in a financial institution, and the aim was to improve access for the Tanzanian population to affordable financial services. Besides a direct investment, Rabobank offered management services and technical assistance.

NMB is now a healthy, well-capitalised bank. 40% of all Tanzanians who have a bank account hold it with NMB and the bank has grown from 600,000 customers to 1.6 million in 5 years into Tanzania’s largest financial services provider. The bank is listed on the Dar Es Salaam stock exchange.

The strategic focus is now on becoming and remaining the financial service provider of choice for all Tanzanians. Innovative distribution forms and an extensive branch network add value, as the bank  moves from not just ‘the biggest’ but to ‘the best’. The bank reaches the customers through rapidly growing electronic channels including ATMs and mobile banking.

Financial inclusion is a key concept in this process, especially in relation to farming and SME communities in rural and urban areas. Warehouse receipt finance schemes have been developed as part of an on-going effort to provide farmers with the services they need.

As part of NMB’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies, NMB joined forces with Rabobank Foundation in 2009 to create the NMB Foundation for Agricultural Development (NFAD) that aims to  develop and support sustainable cooperatives that offer relevant training and support to farmers. The NFAD contributed in strengthening the agri cooperatives and through these institutions reached approximately 18,000 farmers.

A separate programme called Financial Fitness aims to improve the financial literacy in Tanzanian communities.

NMB Bank

Employees 2,650
Customers 1.6 million
Outlets 141
Total assets EU R 1,060 million
Rabobank’s stake 35%


NMB Bank

Office Address Ohio Street/Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road
P.O. Box 9213 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Telephone +255 22 23 22 000