Thanks to the macademias, John is no beggar by the side of the road

John Mdungu Njugunia (72) switched to ENP in 2000, because they paid immediately and also gave a better price than he was used to.

What’s more, he’s now able to plant new trees thanks to the seedlings he gets from ENP. Together with his brother, John farms the 3.5 hectares belonging to his family. Without the additional income generated by the macadamia nuts he’d be ‘a beggar by the side of the road’, he says. Thanks to the macadamias, he’s been able to send his eight children to school. One is even studying finance in the United States. For him, his children’s schooling is vital. If he were to divide up his land among all eight children, they’d each get such a tiny piece they’d never be able to make a living from farming. One of his children is now an advisor with ENP. The others work in Nairobi or are married. They need not worry about their father, for despite his lame leg – the result of a kick from a cow – he is well able to look after himself. Harvesting macadamias is a job that can be done well into old age: the nuts are simply picked up from the ground. And in addition John has three people to help him farm his land.