Joining with customers

Rabobank clients can also contribute to the work of Rabobank Foundation. In this way they can give expression to the special nature of banking with a cooperative bank. Donations from its private and business clients enhances Rabobank Foundation’s ability to realise its goals. The Client Fund is a designated Public Benefit Organisation, meaning that donations and gifts are tax deductible. Our Supervisory Board is not remunerated.

Contributing to self-sufficiency

The Rabo Foundation Client Fund has the same allocations policy as Rabobank Foundation. The Fund aims to contribute to structurally improving the position of the underprivileged in the Netherlands and abroad. Self-sufficiency is the key. Outside the Netherlands the Fund is active in 24 developing countries. It targets impoverished rural communities, aiding them with funds and with cooperative, banking and agricultural expertise. The Client Fund helps in setting up financial cooperatives and producer organisations for farmers. At home in the Netherlands, charities receive aid in the fields of education (including financial education), work and social participation. Here the target group consists of the physically, cognitively and psychologically impaired. Children and young people from troubled backgrounds or growing up in poverty are also a focus for the Client Fund’s care and attention.

“The nice thing about Rabo Foundation Client Fund is that you can see the impact your donation has.”


Rabo Foundation Client Fund

Office Address Croeselaan 18
3521 CB Utrecht
The Netherlands
Postal Address P.O. Box 17100, UC 079
3500 HG Utrecht
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 (0)30 216 2333