Microcredit for Sri Lanka

Social dreams come true

Several years ago Egbert Hendriks sold his business after having been active in the financial sector for many years. His advisor at the Rabobank introduced him to Rabobank Foundation when Hendriks said that he and his wife Joke Meerten were keen to give something back to society. Neither Meerten nor Hendriks had heard of Rabobank Foundation, but after hearing others’ enthusiastic reports they joined a trip to Sri Lanka. The journey opened their eyes as they saw the power of microfinance in practice. With a loan of just a few hundred euro Sri Lankan entrepreneurs – mainly women – start up their own businesses. This form of development aid really appealed to the Dutch couple. Via Rabobank Foundation Hendriks and Meerten have been able to make their dream come true. There are ideas and opportunities aplenty. Hendriks is able to contribute his business skills and Meerten her psychotherapeutic expertise to help the Sri Lankans get ahead. Hendriks: “Joke and I want to do something meaningful for society, we don’t want to live out our retirement just playing golf or going on holiday. That’s why we decided to support a charitable cause. But we wanted to do it in our own way: we want to know what’s being done with our money and we want to be able to play a role.”


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