The power of women

Vrouwen van NU aids Peruvian women

A good example of how donors can select projects in line with their own group philosophy is the cooperation between Rabo Foundation’s Client Fund and the Netherlands’ biggest women’s organisation Vrouwen van NU (formerly known as the Association of Rural Women). Vrouwen van NU was seeking a project in a developing country that fitted with its mission: improving living standards via the power of women. Rabobank Foundation introduced Vrouwen van NU to MIDE, a cooperative of indigenous Peruvian women eking out a difficult existence high in the Andes. Half of the women cannot read or write. They work from dawn till dusk at home and on the land and attempt to boost their meagre household incomes by breeding guinea pigs and making clothes and colourful blankets to sell at market. A small delegation of Vrouwen van NU members visited the women and their cooperative and was impressed by their fortitude and resourcefulness. The Dutch women’s organisation decided to mount a major fundraising campaign among its members. The money raised by Vrouwen van Nu is being used to train MIDE’s women, so that they’re able to boost their household incomes. “In view of the similarity of our backgrounds, it made sense for our association to work together with Rabobank,” comments chairperson Anke Vervoord of Vrouwen van NU. “The Client Fund enabled us to give something back to society in a way that is in keeping with the Association’s beginnings.”


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