Joining with employees

The charitable organisation for Rabobank staff

Rabobank staff have their own fund, the Rabo Foundation Employee Fund. This fund is formally part of the Rabobank Foundation, but has its own advisory committee comprised of employees and its own allocation policy. Via the Rabo Foundation Employee Fund current and former Rabobank employees are able to support small-scale projects in the areas of education and water supply. These themes dovetail nicely with the work of the Rabobank Foundation which is primarily concerned with economic development. The employees’ fund operates in the same countries as the Foundation, which means that the two can reinforce one another’s activities.

Donations are doubled

What started in 2004 as an emergency aid fund set up by Rabobank Group staff for victims of the Asian tsunami has grown into a fund that offers financial support to promising small-scale sustainable development projects in the areas of education and water supplies. More than 6,500 Rabobank employees have since become donors, donating €4 a month from their salaries, a sum which is then doubled by Rabobank’s Executive Board. The total donation goes entirely to the project in question. Donors can nominate projects themselves – indeed the involvement of Rabobank staff is a key precondition for a donation to a particular project. This is what makes the Rabo Foundation Employee Fund unique as a charitable organisation.

Rabo Foundation

Rabobank Foundation

Rabobank Foundation 40th anniversary: the road to self-reliance. Watch the video.


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