Together with employees

The Rabo Foundation Employee Fund supports international and Dutch projects to a maximum of 45.000 euro. Rabobank staff can nominate projects. In fact this is a key precondition for a donation to a particular project.

Donation with double impact

Thousands of employees and pensioners at Rabobank Groep donate € 4 a month to the Employee Fund. The Rabobank matches this sum and each euro goes directly to the projects. In addition the fund also receives one-off donations from employees celebrating work anniversaries or birthdays or who have organized special fundraising drives.

Investing in self-reliance

Rabobank Foundation is the Rabobank’s social fund. For over forty years, we’ve been investing in the self-reliance of people worldwide. Abroad, we target small-scale farmers. In the Netherlands, Rabobank Foundation runs programmes in the areas of social enterprise and work, financial self-reliance, children growing up in poverty and sport for the handicapped.

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