Standing stronger together. That's the strength of a cooperative. It is also the idea behind the Rabo Foundation. Founded in 1974 to offer vulnerable people in groups in the Netherlands and far beyond a better future perspective by investing in their self-reliance. In this way we stimulate the growth of smallholder farmers in developing countries and financial self-reliance and fair opportunities on the labor market for people in the Netherlands.

How do we approach this?

By giving organizations access to knowledge, network, financial and innovative solutions, we create a positive impact on people and society. Curious how that works? Get inspired with stories from our organizations and opinion pieces.

Annual report 2018

In 2018, the Rabo Foundation invested in 369 organizations in the Netherlands and far beyond. In their growth and in solving social issues. Our key figures, working method and examples.

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Innovative solution for Aldea Global

Rabobank data experts innovate together with Aldea Global in Nicaragua. By digitizing loan applications, Aldea can serve even more smallholder farmers.

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Social enterprise Sea Rangers

Sea Rangers gives young people who have trouble finding work a challenging job, thanks in part to a loan by Rabo Foundation.

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Goshen: financial security

Thanks to our investment, the Kenyan fruit cooperative Goshen can now dry mangoes. As a result, less fruit goes to waste, new sales markets have been created, and the farmers earn higher incomes.

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Standing together against poverty and debt

Via public-private networks, Moedige Dialoog stands up to fight poverty and debt. Rabo Foundation supports the initiative in its struggle for financial self-reliance.

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Fair market through Yespers

We gave the Kenyan macadamia producer Exotic access to our network. We brought them into contact with the Dutch company Yespers.

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