How we work

From microcredit to trade finance

We help producer organisations and saving- and credit organisations to become more professional and efficient. That means that they will be able to offer better services, such as suitable loans, savings products and financial training courses. We also help producer organisations to provide training to their members or to certify and export their products. In many cases, we are the first financier the organisation has ever had: most have never before received financial support.

Our most important tool is the loan. We offer several variants of loans, so that organisations get exactly what they need; our support is based as much as possible on the organisation’s own requirements. For example, we offer short-term loans. These enable producer organisations to purchase products from farmers, to pay the farmers on time or to acquire agricultural equipment that can increase their productivity.

‘Thanks to the trade loans, we can now pay our farmers in cash as soon as they deliver the coffee.’

Grupo Asociativo Café de Alta Calidad El Caney, Colombia

We also offer organisation long-term loans to enable them to grant microcredit loans to farmers or for investments in processing or storage facilities. And with guarantees, we help cooperatives obtain loans from local banks. We often provide additional technical assistance to help the partners professionalise their operations. This assistance includes training courses on bookkeeping, agricultural techniques and crop diversification.

  • Rabo Foundation wins Inclusive Finance India Award

    Rabo Foundation in India received the Inclusive Finance India Awards 2019 in the category: Contribution to Advancing Financial Inclusion in India by an Enabling Institution on December 4th.

  • Partnership USAID, Indonesia

    USAID is partnering with Rabo Foundation to accelerate the foundation’s ability to invest sustainably by designing and conducting carbon monitoring of the foundation’s investments.

  • Abateraninkunga Ba Sholi, Rwanda

    A specialty coffee cooperative in central Rwanda produces much more than premium coffee beans.

  • Norandino, Peru

    The saving and credit cooperative (Coopac) Norandino was established in 2005 by three producer organisations; Cepicafe, Cenfrocafe and Oro Verde.

  • ECOM coffee cooperative in Colombia

    Huila is one of the main areas for coffee in Colombia, a country known for its excellent coffee. The Rabobank Foundation supports five coffee cooperatives in this area through coffee trader ECOM Trading.

  • Dairy as engine for economic growth

    Rabobank Foundation’s financial support enables women in India to buy more buffaloes and to produce better quality milk.

  • Cold storage is a hot topic in east Africa

    Cold storage facilities have clear potential to help smallholder farmers reduce post-harvest food losses in east Africa.

  • Ergos, India

    Local warehouses promote financial inclusion while reducing product loss.


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