Self-reliant farmers

Rabobank Foundation invests in the self-sufficiency of organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This helps the organisations to achieve their goals of offering small-scale farmers access to financing, savings opportunities, knowledge and new markets.

Focus on cooperatives

That’s why the foundation is keen to work with farmer cooperatives. We help savings and credit cooperatives and producer organisations – coffee or dairy cooperatives, for example – to professionalise and work more efficiently. That way they can better help their members and become self-reliant in the longer term.

Our added value

Doing what we’re good at, that’s our motto. As a cooperative food & agri bank we know all about cooperatives, banking and the agricultural sector. We deploy this expertise to offer enhanced opportunities to smallholders and entrepreneurs in developing countries. Thanks to our extensive networks, we’re able to reach out to our target groups and give them effective support.

Read more about our work abroad:

  • How we work

    From microcredit to trade finance

  • Our projects

    We focus on the millions of small-scale farmers that form the basis for the supply chain in developing countries

  • Strengthening production chains

    Our support enables farmers to invest in their smallholdings

  • Innovation

    New technological developments can be deployed to help serve our target group


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