Smart farming

New technological developments can be deployed to help serve our target group – small farmers – even more effectively. That’s why innovation is a key driver for Rabobank Foundation. We’re able to use the expertise and experience that Rabobank has in the areas of FinTech and AgTech.

FinTech is all about innovations in financial services enabling us to conduct financial transactions faster, easier and more transparently. AgTech encompasses smart farming – the application of modern information and communication technologies in agriculture. The emphasis lies on scalable and data-driven innovations, whereby agricultural data and chain information are used to enhance transparency and decisions in the chain. For financiers, this yields more and better-quality information that translates into lower risks and costs so that more farmers can be helped.

Geodata plays a key role in this. As one of the organisers of the ‘Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food’ conference in 2017 we marked the beginning of a cooperation with the Dutch platform for inclusive finance NPM and the Netherlands Space Office. Our objective: to link geodata to the financial sector. A good example is our partnership with Soilcares, which deploys soil scanners and satellite monitoring.

  • Agri-wallet

    Dodore and Rabobank Foundation will finance farmers using blockchain technology.

  • Soilcares

    Scanner and training enables smallholder farmers in Kenya to achieve better crop yields.

  • Geodata

    Information based on satellite data helps small farmers in developing countries to improve their harvests.

  • ‘Innovation strategy responds to a changing world’

    The emergence of new technologies provides Rabobank Foundation with new opportunities. In this way, new and more suitable services can be supplied to small farmers in developing countries on the basis of better information.


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