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Helping smallholder farmers becoming self-sustainable

Rabobank Foundation’s target group are the millions of small-scale farmers that form the basis for the supply chain in developing countries. Our efforts are geared to strengthening farming communities’ economic base. First and foremost we aim to achieve this by supporting them in forming and strengthening cooperatives, or organisations that are structured along cooperative lines.

We also invest in the economic self-reliance of the cooperatives. These cooperatives may be producer organisations such as those of coffee and dairy farmers, or they may be savings and credit cooperatives. We help them on the road to financial independence. We do this by putting up finance and by sharing the cooperative, banking and agricultural expertise that the Rabobank Group has built up over many years.

Millions of smallholders

Through our projects we support millions of smallholder farmers each year. Thanks to loans and/ or training they’re able to grow their businesses, increase their income and secure lasting improvements in their standard of living.

  • African agriculture

    African agriculture needs young farmers and strong cooperatives


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