Strengthening production chains

Cooperation in the food chain

For the Rabobank, worldwide food security is a strategic theme. The world’s population is growing fast and the agricultural sector is faced with the enormous challenge of meeting the surging demand for food. Farmers need to produce more, and they need to produce more sustainably.

In developing countries, Rabobank Foundation targets small farmers having little or no access to financing and the market and who are often barely organised. The support of their member organisations enables farmers to invest in their smallholdings.

Increased productivity is the top priority. That usually starts with the deployment of technical assistance and expertise to support the membership organisation. Trainers help the farms to boost production and enhance quality. In addition it’s important to share know-how about joint purchasing, processing and sales. Rabobank Foundation provides credit and expertise, investing in the production of food and other crops.

  • Banking for Food

    Food chains 'from farm to plate'.

  • The path to slave-free chocolate: “An equal society is essential”

    The mission of Tony’s Chocolonely cannot be missed. It is stated on each bar in large letters: Together we make chocolate 100% slave-free.

  • Partnership with FAO

    Rabobank Foundation teams up with FAO to improve the lives and food security of smallholder farmers in developing countries.

  • Time travelling to visit Indonesian dairy farmers

    From automated milking to traditional manual milking. Dutch delegation visits Indonesia to provide training courses.

  • Forging links through potatoes

    Rabobank Noordoostpolder has special ties with the potatoe cooperative ‘Papas de Colores’ from Peru.

  • Tree to cup: Mexican coffee in The Hague

    From Mexico to the Prinsestraat in The Hague: an organic coffee supply chain that is traceable at every step via clients of Rabobank.


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