The Netherlands

Self-reliant in society

Bastiaan, who found a good job despite his visual handicap. Sandra who got into debt but now has her finances sorted. And Martijn, who’s joined a football club even though his parents can’t afford the membership fee.

Just a few examples of people who have made progress thanks to our help. Men, women and children who want to participate fully in society but need support to do so. Simply because financial, physical or mental problems can be major barriers to self-reliance.

Overcoming obstacles

Thanks to the projects which Rabobank Foundation supports, every year thousands of people overcome their personal obstacles and increase their self-reliance. For example, some young people and adults find good training placements and a suitable job. Others get more control over their finances or opportunities for self-development through sport.

  • Our programmes

    We support partners in the Netherlands through four programmes: Social enterprise, Financial self-reliance, All kids join in and Sport without limits.

  • Apply for support?

    Social organisations and enterprises can contact Rabobank Foundation to apply for support.

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