Social enterprises

More opportunities for suitable work

Some people have difficulty finding a job. Not because they don’t want to work. But due to illness, physical disability, mental health issues, learning difficulties or lack of training. They need support to help them participate in the labour market.

Various organisations provide that support. By giving people access to day centres, training placements, courses and permanent employment. Rabobank Foundation supports these types of organisation, and particularly social enterprises. In other words, companies whose ambition is to serve a social purpose combined with a profitable earnings model.

The social enterprises we support help people experiencing difficulties in the labour market to gain self-confidence and improve their chances of getting a job. Take The Colour Kitchen restaurant where young people can follow an accredited training programme and gain experience in the catering and hospitality business. Taking concrete steps towards a better future.

More impact through Rabo social entrepreneurship miniMaster

We offer social enterprises more than just financial support. We also run a special training programme: the Rabo social entrepreneurship miniMaster. This gives participants insight and expertise to improve their operations and increase the social impact of the business. Apply here.


  • i-did

    About to throw away old clothes? Not so fast! The social enterprise i-did converts clothes nobody wants into design products.

  • Carapax IT

    Many well-educated people with autism are out of work. Often because their employers didn’t know how to deal with autism.

  • The Colour Kitchen

    Many young people in the municipality of Utrecht struggle to find work.