Rabobank Foundation teams up with Liliane Fund

Shortly before stepping down, departing board chairman Willem Louwers of Rabobank Den Bosch and Surrounding Areas and his successor Rico Niesten signed a cooperative agreement for a partnership between Rabobank Foundation, the Liliane Fund and Aflatoun Child Social & Financial Education.

Rabobank Foundation’s principal goal is to invest in people’s self-reliance. Each year, Rabobank Den Bosch and Surrounding Areas contributes a percentage of its profits to Rabobank Foundation. The partnership will enable the Liliane Fund to take part in Aflatoun’s programme of financial education. The Liliane Fund seeks to improve the quality of life for children and young people with disabilities in developing countries with the aim of helping them to achieve recognition in society and to play an active role,  both now and later when they are adult. Learning to deal with money is an important part of this.

Aflatoun’s programme combines social and financial education with the aim of achieving lasting results. The organisation believes that there is a global need for social and financial awareness and education based on the values and rights of children. The partnership with the Liliane Fund is geared to tailoring Aflatoun’s educational programme to meet the special needs of children and young people with disabilities. Educational materials developed by Aflatoun need to be adapted in such a way that they can be used in programmes catering to the needs of children with disabilities.

A key component of the programme is to teach children to save and to give them access to, and familiarize them with, banks. And that’s where Rabobank Foundation comes in. The Foundation introduces children receiving financial education to Musoni, a savings and loans cooperative in Kenya. In time these children will be able to open an account with this microfinance bank, which is supported by Rabobank Foundation.


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