Agricultural education brings progress to young farmers in Nicaragua

Many young people in Nicaragua are raised in poverty. Fabretto, a non-profit organisation, targets these young people and their communities, aiming to support them toward self-reliance. Young people gain access to education and a job in the agricultural sector, in part thanks to the availability of rural training and development projects.

Fabretto has been working to provide good education and healthy nourishment to the neediest communities in Nicaragua for more than 25 years. They have reached over 19,000 children and young people with their programmes. The foundation received a donation from the Rabobank Foundation Employee Fund to train underprivileged young people to become beekeepers.

Young agricultural entrepreneurs

Young people can participate in various agricultural training programmes, aimed at finding a job with an agricultural company or starting their own business. We support one specific training programme through the Rabobank Foundation Employee Fund (Share4More): the education of 25 young would-be beekeepers. This is a worthwhile endeavour, since beekeeping and the production of honey offer an affordable means to generate an extra income. Not only can the young people earn money, but their community will reap the benefits as well. The sustainable production methods generate extra trade and a boost for the local economy.

Personal attention

Maarten Rijnberg, marketing manager at Rabobank, suggested this project to Share4More. “A good friend and former colleague, Nicholas Morgan, used to work as a volunteer at Fabretto in Nicaragua. He told me that many young people in Nicaragua grow up unsafe and in poverty. Focusing on long-term investments, Fabretto offers these young people and their close relatives a future through education, coaching and micro-economic impact. I truly believe this is the way to do it. The support from the Rabobank Foundation by means of the Employee Fund makes me very happy.” Do you know a charity project that you’d like to propose to us? Check out our website for more information.


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