Investing in Uganda’s next generation of farmers

The Rabo Foundation Employee Fund supports an agricultural educational programme for young people in Kibinge, Uganda through the Children of Uganda foundation.

Since 2008, agricultural communities in sixteen villages in the Kibinge area have been working together to improve their economic situation. The people have joined together to make plans for structural improvements in the local agricultural sector.

Food security and AgriBusiness

“Food security and AgriBusiness from bottom to top” is a project plan that represents a major step towards inspiring young people to become farmers. That inspiration is important, since many young people are moving to the cities because they can’t envision a viable future as a farmer. Seven schools will receive a school garden and the accompanying educational programme about nutrition and vegetable garden maintenance. Additionally, 300-plus children will be invited by the ‘Child to Farmer’ programme for a work-study programme at an agricultural company. Once they’ve learned to put all their knowledge and skills to practical use, over 100 young people can continue their training and coaching, with the ultimate goal of starting their own livestock or farming company. This integrated approach really appeals to the next generation of farmers. They see new opportunities for working in the agriculture sector, thanks to their new insights and skills in marketing products and their access to micro-credit.

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