HAS students conduct field research in Kenya, Vietnam and Asia

Rabobank Foundation works together closely with HAS Hogeschool, a higher education college in the southern Netherlands for agro, food and habitat studies. Over the next few months six students will be based abroad, researching various sectors including shrimp farms in Indonesia and the cashew nut industry in Vietnam. In Kenya students will investigate the impact of loans on a savings and credit cooperative. In all three countries a survey will be made of the opportunities available to ‘next generation’ farmers.

The research programme kicked off six months ago. Three teams of five students conducted country studies, surveying the agricultural sectors in Indonesia, Kenya and Vietnam. Following on from this research, the students are now doing field work. Six students from the International Food & Agribusiness department have been given the opportunity to conduct research at companies and cooperatives over a period of several months.

The research

In Indonesia students will document the key performance indicators of shrimp farms. In Kenya they will conduct research into the impact of loans on the JOINAS savings and credit cooperative, which receives funding from the Rabobank Foundation. In Vietnam the students will research developments in the cashew nut industry. In addition researchers in all three countries will look at the issue of business succession in the farming and horticulture sector. Why do young people migrate to the cities and what are the key motivators that could persuade them to pursue activities in the agricultural sector?

Local supervision

The students will be supervised in their research by local parties. In Vietnam we will be working together with Kenlog, a research and consultancy organisation for the farming and horticulture sector. In Indonesia the students will be supervised by Rabobank Indonesia and in Kenya the supervision is in the hands of Agriterra.

The research results will be presented to Rabobank Foundation and to Berry Marttin as  representative of the Rabobank board of directors in the summer.


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