New opportunities for young people in the slums of India

MelJol is an organisation that provides access to the ‘Aflateen Financial Entrepreneurship Program’ for young people in the shantytowns of Varnassi, India. The Rabo Foundation Employee Fund will support this project for the next three years.

‘Aflatoun’ is known for its extraordinary curriculum that uses a playful method to introduce financial education in schools. The cooperating organisations in this NGO network bring this programme to primary schools all over the world. The programme managed to reach over 30,000 children in Varanassi, India as well. MelJol has launched the ‘Aflateen Financial Entrepreneurship Program’ for teens to supplement its current course for younger children. The new programme is aimed at young people between 15 and 18 years old, living in the least prosperous parts of town.

Entrepreneurship is not solely for the elite

Courses on entrepreneurship and financial education will be taught at 25 locations. The teens will acquire skills like planning ahead, budgeting and initiating activities. Teamwork and creativity are also part of the course. Teachers and successful entrepreneurs coach the participating teens and share their own knowledge and experience. This lets the young people experience that entrepreneurship isn’t only for the privileged in society. The support and commitment of several financial institutions in the community ensure that the young people can count on positive support and the chance to make their plans a reality.


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