A dream programme for Indonesian orphans

In the orphanages of Jakarta in Indonesia, children receive a traditional education. But without a family to back them up, these children could use some extra support: motivation, encouragement and creativity are key. The Dream Program initiated by the Inspiration Factory Foundation focuses on the personal development of deprived children aged seven to twelve.

The programme is aimed at developing skills and competencies to help build character, boost self-confidence and foster dreams and aspirations. The children are given the necessary tools to help realise their goals and to fulfil their dreams. The programme is offered as an extra-curricular activity or after school hours. After completing the programme the children have a better chance of academic success, improved moral values and possess the necessary basic skills to enhance their opportunities to escape the vicious circle of poverty and hopelessness.

Personal approach

The foundation views local involvement as very important and works together closely with local organisations, volunteers, family members of former programme participants and participants themselves as well as older orphans who mentor their younger ‘brothers and sisters’. To guarantee the quality of the Dream Program, everyone involved in the programme receives personal training and supervision. In this way the children gain the motivation and inspiration they so desperately need!

Inspirational streamer

Two years ago Rabo colleague Ciska van den Berg visited one of the Inspiration Factory Foundation projects. In addition to visiting the project she was also offered the opportunity of making a contribution by working together with the children. ‘I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that amid the gloomy surroundings a colourful place had been created for the children. It was the first day after the summer holidays and I could see that the children were really eager for the lessons to begin.’ The children were asked to draw their dream job on a colourful streamer. Ciska was left in no doubt that the meetings revolved around creativity and inspiration!


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