Dairy inspiration week ‘From farmer to farmer’

Twelve farmers from Indonesia, Kenya and Tanzania will be touring the Netherlands from 16 to 22 November, on an inspirational journey of the Dutch dairy sector. During their tour, they will meet farmers from the Netherlands, getting to know them better and exchanging ideas and experiences.

Working together for the dairy sector

Sharing know-how and inspiration is what the dairy inspiration week is all about. The Dutch dairy producers and their international counterparts will talk farmer to farmer, sharing their experiences. Whether it’s farming with five cows or a hundred, whether it’s in Africa or the Netherlands, each dairy producer faces the same challenges: maintaining a healthy herd and producing the right amount of milk. All over the world dairy farmers work daily to boost their returns. We at Rabobank Foundation believe in the power of cooperation: that bringing people together, sharing expertise and our network can help people do better. That’s why we’re organizing this dairy inspiration week.

During this week we’re out to broaden farmers’ horizons. By opening the doors to different Dutch dairy operations, by organizing training courses and by bringing the farmers into contact with one another. Because even though the Netherlands is a leader in the dairy industry, Dutch farmers can still learn from smallholders in developing countries.

Sharing experience

We’ll share the experiences of the dairy inspiration week here on the website and via social media. We’re curious to see what a farmer from Kenya and his Dutch counterpart can learn from one another. We’ll bring you their stories in late November.


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