On-the-job training for talented entrepreneurs in Ghana

How can entrepreneurs start and build their business sustainably? That’s no easy question to answer. Talents for Humanity is a foundation offering on-the-job training to young Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

Carole Donkers, one of Talents for Humanity’s founders, has been working with young Ghanaian entrepreneurs for five years. Through her work it’s become very clear where support is needed: financial sustainability for existing entrepreneurial initiatives in combination with a learning and working environment that challenges them and stimulates personal responsibility, initiative, creative know-how, co-creation and entrepreneurship. Talents for Humanity provides on-the-job training to help young entrepreneurs with the pre-start, start-up and growth of their business. Examples are the launch of local market initiatives and setting up activities that are at the very least self-sustaining.

The strength of empowerment

Eight to twelve young people have been selected from previous programmes to participate in the project. They will be trained by Talents for Humanity to boost their entrepreneurial skills. In addition the group will be closely involved in the foundation’s growth, encouraging the involvement of their peers with similar dreams. The young people will use their enthusiasm and know-how to become a sounding board for the foundation. At the same time they will empower other young people in Ghana’s northern region by engaging with them about entrepreneurship and personal development – an approach that’s incredibly contagious! The goal is to develop Talents for Humanity as a cooperative whose members – the young Ghanaian entrepreneurs who have received on-the-job supervision – are also shareholders. A praiseworthy aim!


Rabobank colleagues Ingrid ten Dam and Joan Donkers nominated this project for aid from the Rabo Employees’ Fund. They opted for Talents for Humanity because they feel the foundation’s approach is fundamentally different to existing development aid. ‘The foundation ensures that entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs are in a position to assume leadership over their own lives, deploying their own talent and initiative.’


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