Proud People: Exhibition on the impact of microcredit in Sri Lanka

Art photographer Hans Withoos travelled to Sri Lanka for a photographic reportage commissioned by Rabobank Foundation and Sampath Foundation. The people he photographed all have something in common: they’re all members of the microfinance organisation Arthavida and work hard to make themselves a living. The exhibition ‘Proud People’ can be seen from 16 January to 3 February at Rabobank Utrecht’s office at the Maliebaan.

Proud People

Withoos’ colourful photographs are reminiscent of paintings and show how the people of Sri Lanka live and work. “What struck me most is the pride of these people,” says Withoos. It is this pride that he sought to express in his photographs. The photos are a tribute to enterprising Sri Lanka. “Thanks to Arthavida, Sri Lanka’s poor can save and borrow money. That enables them to invest in their businesses and in themselves. The result: greater financial security and better living conditions,” explains Withoos. Arthavida receives financial aid from Rabobank Foundation and Sampath Foundation.

Photographs of and for small enterpreneurs in Sri Lanka

Former entrepreneur and Rabobank client Egbert Hendriks became involved with the situation in Sri Lanka through Rabobank Foundation and set up Sampath Foundation, several years ago. Since then he has supported various projects of his own foundation aimed at improving education and water supply. In addition to these donations, he is also participating in the Rabo Foundation Client Fund. This Fund offers Rabobank clients the possibility to support Rabobank Foundation’s projects with grants. The money Egbert Hendriks donates is earmarked for the microfinance organisation Arthavida in Sri Lanka. Egbert Hendriks has become increasingly active in seeking fellow-investors and donors: “With this project I hope to inspire other people who are willing to contribute. The photographs taken by Hans Withoos have been published as a limited edition to be sold for a good cause. All net proceeds will go to Arthavida so that the foundation will be able to help even more small entrepreneurs applying for microcredit.”

About Hans Withoos

Hans Withoos’ career spans more than twenty years in which he combined his commissioned work with his autonomous work. He studied at the Art Academy in Tilburg and he is internationally a well-known artist. His work is exhibited in galleries and art fairs all over the world. In addition he works as an international fashion photographer with clients from Brasil to Spain to Italy, the United States and Marocco.


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