Rabobank Foundation launched children’s cookery book “ROOTS Kids”

‘What do African children eat for breakfast?’ You can read the answer to this and other questions in the new cookbook ROOTS kids. In the spring of 2017, we invited Dutch children to submit entertaining and interesting questions for their African peers. We received nearly 100 submissions! Rabobank Foundation asked African children to respond, using their input to create a unique cookery book.

ROOTS Kids fosters children’s awareness of the miracle of food, where it comes from and the importance of healthy eating and eliminating waste. The book is launched as part of Dutch Agri Food Week 2017.

Where our food comes from

Rabobank Foundation is convinced that children who are made aware at an early age of where food comes from and the effort and passion that goes into growing our food successfully will learn to value food and behave accordingly: “start them young”. Rabobank Foundation aims to broaden and inform children’s perspectives on sustainable food production, nutrition and food waste.

Get active!

In the book, Dutch and African children describe life on their parents’ farms and farming. Did you know, for example, that a pineapple takes two years to grow before it’s ripe? Or that chocolate grows on trees? As such ROOTS Kids reinforces the Taste Lessons, a teaching programme in which Rabobank is a partner. At the same time, children learn more about the differences between Dutch and African kitchens. And there are activities for the children too! Together with their parents they can make seven hip, tasty and healthy recipes -- one for every day of the week!

This book from the Rabobank Foundation has also been devised as a contribution towards the ongoing implementation of Rabobank’s Banking for Food strategy.

Order your copy

The book is only available via local banks. Employees of Rabobank can order order this special cookery book in the Rabo shop. For more information, contact us via rabobankfoundation@rabobank.nl.


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