Dag van de Bouw

During Dag van de Bouw on Saturday June 15th, companies from the construction and infrastructure sectors throughout the Netherlands open projects to the general public. During this day you can take a look behind the scenes at a project in the neighbourhood, so that you can become acquainted with the many facets of construction.

Rabobank and the construction sector

The construction sector is also important for Rabobank, because of the size of the sector and the impact that construction has on BV Nederland. That is why Rabobank is active in the entire chain, from the self-employed, SMEs, larger family businesses to the top 10 players of developing builders, infrastructure companies and installers. Rabobank is a socially involved financier and wants to contribute to the spatial design and development of the Netherlands.

Hollands Glorie: the Afsluitdijk

The Afsluitdijk receives a thorough makeover that makes it an international showcase of Dutch hydraulic engineering ingenuity. Rabobank is the only Dutch bank that finances the complex mega project to which German and Belgian banks and the European Investment Bank also contribute. "This is Hollands Glorie. It proves how entrepreneurial and successful we are in the fight against the elements,” said David de Bondt of Rabobank.

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