Sustainable living

The transition to sustainable housing in the Dutch housing market is a major challenge for our society. As a socially responsible bank and the largest Dutch mortgage lender, we want to facilitate and encourage “greener” living.

We are focused on making sustainable living accessible for everyone in the Netherlands. We do this through a growing number of certified sustainability advisors at our local banks. We also offer specific products and services, such as the Rabo Groenhypotheek (Green mortgage), the Rabo Groendepot (Green depot), sustainability interest discounts, the free GreenHome HuisScan (House Scan) and sustainability loans that don’t require notary services.

We also invest in cooperative solutions. We work together with public and private organizations to accelerate the energy transition; are co-initiators of the Dutch National Energy Savings Fund; and bring together retail customers who want to improve the quality of life in their village or neighbourhood through small-scale sustainability initiatives.

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