Trends and technologies

You have to make big leaps forward to keep up with the evolution of technology. Technology now plays a more leading role in business than ever before. Rabobank tracks the latest developments and presents an overview of some of the key trends.

  • Technology Trend Report 2021

    Which tech trends are we facing and what is their impact on society and Rabobank?

  • Pilot project income test at housing corporation successfully applicable

    Together with the innovation team Particulieren, Rabobank's Blockchain Lab developed a first successful proof of concept: Identity Wallet.

  • Technology Trend Report 2020

    Which trends await us and what is the impact of these trends on society and our bank? You can now read all about it in the Technology Trend Report 2020.

  • Super database offers wealth of possibilities

    Blockchain has the potential to change today’s financial landscape dramatically.