Rabobank Group information

How can I obtain a copy of Rabobank’s Annual and Interim reports?

All our Financial and Annual reports are available online in the financial reports information section of the Investor Relations site.

Is Rabobank quoted on the stock exchange and what is the exchange code?

Rabobank is a cooperative bank and does not have shareholders. Several investment products of Rabobank are listed. For example Rabobank Certificates, which are quoted on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam (RABO). The Rabobank Certificates, an investment product with the characteristics of deep subordinated bonds, enable you to invest in Rabobank.

What is the legal name of Rabobank?

The legal name of Rabobank is Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A., with its registered office in Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht (registration number 30046259). Rabobank is one of the trade names. All local Rabobanks (a division of Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.) have their own trade names. 'Rabobank Group' is not a legal entity. It is the collection of Rabobank and the related subsidiaries and associates. Rabobank is a shareholder in various specialised companies such as DLL and Rabo Real Estate Group. Through these subsidiaries and associates, Rabobank is specialised in a number of areas of financial services. Rabobank also has a sizeable international banking business. The international banking business focuses on international business and rural activities in general and on the Food & Agri sector in particular.

What is the structure and ownership of Rabobank?

Rabobank is a cooperative bank and consequently has members rather than shareholders. Clients of local Rabobanks (a division of Rabobank in the Netherlands) can become members of Rabobank and in doing so have a voice in the bank's course. The General Members Council is the highest body within Rabobank. The members are represented in the General Members Council by the chairman of the local Supervisory Board, who is also the chairman of the members council.

How can I invest money in Rabobank?

Rabobank is a cooperative bank and does not have shareholders, but members. Rabobank does, however, have various investment products that are listed on the stock exchange, such as Rabobank Certificates that are listed on Euronext Amsterdam (RABO). You can invest in Rabobank through Rabobank Certificates, which are a deeply subordinated investment product.

Do group entities publish their own results?

Some subsidiaries publish their own figures, which can be downloaded from their own websites. The consolidated financial statements of Rabobank, however, include the financial information of Rabobank and the local Rabobanks, as well as the financial information of the other group entities. The assets, liabilities and results of these entities are consolidated in full.

Where can I find the rate information of the Rabobank Certificates?

Rabobank Certificates is an investment product by which you invest in Rabobank. As per 27 January 2014, the Rabobank Certificates is tradable on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.

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