Rabo Direct Connect (RDC)


With Rabo Direct Connect (RDC) Rabobank offers a host-to-host solution that enables a direct connection of personal ERP packages with the bank. Without any manual intervention, RDC enables you to transfer large payment batches through a single channel, without the necessity of installing any local bank-specific software. With easy implementation it further reduces risks and expenses and facilitates the automation of your cash management activities. In an entirely automated environment Rabobank supports the sending of SEPA and World payment orders and acceptance of status-and reconciliation information from and towards the corporates ERP system, TMS or Corporate Payment Hub.

As security is of upmost importance, RDC utilizes a SSH file transfer protocol (sFTP), which is protected with the use of certificates. The files of payment further contain signatures that are checked at several stages of the process and have the possibility to be encrypted. The transaction files are handled quickly through straight through processing (STP) without the need of an extra user interface/electronic banking system.

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